• emBODY toolbox
    • Nummenmaa L., Glerean E., Hari R., Hietanen, J.K. (2014). Bodily maps of emotions. PNAS 111(2):646-651 (pdf)

  • FUNctional magnetic resonance imaging Phase SYnchronization toolbox - FUNPSY toolbox
    • FUNPSY is a toolbox to identify functional relationships between fMRI brain time series using phase synchronization. It is developed in MATLAB language.
      Glerean E., Salmi J., Lahnakoski J., Jääskeläinen I. P., Sams M. (2012). Functional magnetic resonance imaging phase synchronization as a measure of dynamic functional connectivity. Brain Connect. (pdf)

  • Inter-subject correlation analysis for fmri in Matlab - ISC toolbox
    • This is a toolbox to perform inter-subject correlation based analysis of fmri data in Matlab as well as a GUI for the visualization of the analysis results. J.-P. Kauppi, I.P. Jääskeläinen, M. Sams and J. Tohka. Inter-subject correlation of brain hemodynamic responses during watching a movie: localization in space and frequency, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 4:5, 2010. (pdf)