Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

2nd TMS-EEG Summer School:
Probing Brain Dynamics


The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science (BECS) at Aalto University School of Science will organize a learning event titled 2nd TMS-EEG Summer School: Probing Brain Dynamics, on 8–13 September, 2014. The purpose is to clarify the present state of this research area, to brainstorm new ideas, to help integrate European and global efforts in the field, and to educate newcomers by bringing together leaders in the field as teachers and discussants. This event is one of several "Science Factories" funded by the Aalto Science Institute (AScI). It is arranged in collaboration with the International Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (iBioMEP).

The price of the course (750 euros for double room or 880 euros for a single room) includes accommodation for 4 nights (Mon–Thu) and meals (Mon dinner – Fri lunch) in Sannäs Manor, where most of the workshop is held, one night of accommodation on Friday in Helsinki, Finland, and Helsinki-Sannäs-Helsinki transportation.


The course is targeted to students working with TMS-EEG. The participants are chosen based on applications and their level of studies; primarily, postgraduate students and secondarily, undergraduate students or post-doctoral researchers are chosen.

Please, send your applications including a short motivation letter, describing why you want to participate in the course, to Dr. Julio C. Hernandez-Pavon ( by 25th June, 2014 (download registration form).

Outline of the workshop

Students will be expected to prepare in advance a mini poster (template will be given) about their background and interests for the "handshake" session (see program) and to present their research either in an oral or a poster presentation during the course. They will also be expected to read some preparatory material prior to the course (to be emailed to participants). New formats of teaching will be used in addition to lectures. Students are expected to participate actively in the various sessions and events.

Each teacher will conduct a teaching session of 35 min on his/her own research and perception of the field in an interactive manner: during each lecture, at least 3 students and 1 senior scientist will act as designated commentators, while the remaining students are also expected to participate in the discussion.

The event will consist of:

  1. Preparatory lectures of TMS basics and TMS-EEG methodology (Mon 8th September).
  2. A 3-day intensive workshop (Tue–Thu, 9th – 11st September) where the leading researchers of the field will present their work and understanding, discuss the topics, and coach the students.
  3. Presentations of the students summarizing the topics of the workshop and related literature.
  4. Hands-on training (Mon 8th and Fri 12nd September).
  5. A data analysis workshop (Sat 13rd September).