Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science BECS


Monday, September 8

8:00–12:00Hands-on sessions (Locations: BioMag Laboratory / Cognitive Brain Research Unit CBRU, Helsinki)

12:00–13:00Lunch (to be paid by participants)

13:30–17:30Hands-off session: Basics of TMS (Lectures, Location: CBRU)

17:30–18:30Transportation to Sannäs

19:00–20:00Hands-and-mouth session (Dinner)

20:00–23:00Handshake session (Miniposters and other methods to learn to know each other)

Tuesday–Thursday, September 9–11


8:30–9:00Coaching sessions

9:00–10:30Brains-on session (various formats depending on teacher)

10:45–12:15Brains-on session (various formats depending on teacher)


13:15–14:45Brains-on session

14:45–15:15Coffee break

15:15–16:45Student presentations

17:00–18:00Brains-storming session

18:00–19:00Poster presentations


20:00–24:00Brains-off-duty session (outdoor activities and other relaxation, party, visit to Porvoo)

00:00–7:00Brains-off session

Friday, September 12


8:30–11:30Presentations (24/7 summaries of lectures, literature browsing)

11:30–12:00Closing of Science Factory


13:00–14:00Transportation to Helsinki

15:00–19:00Hands-on sessions (Locations: BioMag Laboratory / CBRU, Helsinki)

20:00–23:00Farewell dinner (Location: Helsinki city center)

Saturday, September 13

9:00–12:00Data analysis workshop (Location: Aalto University, Otaniemi, Espoo)

12:00–13:00Lunch (to be paid by participants)

13:00–16:00Data analysis workshop continues (Topics: basic analysis (filtering, averaging), more advanced methods (PCA, SSP, ICA), source localization)

21:00–4:00Farewell party (Location: Helsinki city center, to be paid by participants)