Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

The Software Download and Installation Guide

The software consist only of Matlab m-files. The latest version can be found here:

The actual functions of the toolbox are located in the directory /ekfukf/ and the files for the demonstrations are in directories /ekfukf/demos/<demonstration>/


  • First unpack the zipped package to directory you want it.
  • For the toolbox to function the only thing you need to do is to have it in your Matlab's path. This can be done in Matlab by clicking from File -menu the entry Set Path... and from there adding the folder where the toolbox have been unpacked.
  • You can test the toolbox for example by going to folder /demos/kf_cwpa_demo/ and calling function kf_cwpa_demo. If the demonstration starts without any errors all is fine.

The older versions of the software can be found here: