Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

The Software Download and Installation Guide

The software contains both Matlab m-functions and functions written in C. The C functions are converted into mex-files for Linux, Alfa and Windows. Also the C sources itself are included in the software package.

The package contains following folders:


  • All files needed to run the toolbox in linux, Alfa and Windows (*.m, *.mexaxp, *.mexglx, *.dll) are located in the mcmcstuff/ directory. The toolbox should work in the above architechtures after the mcmcstuff/ is added to Matlab path.
  • In the directory mcmcstuff/ there are also two subdirectories linuxCsource/ and winCsource/ containing the functions written in C for Linux, Alfa (linuxCsource/) and Windows (winCsource/). The reason for two different folders is that the 'math.h' of C library is different in Linux and Windows and that the function names in BLAS libraries are different in Windows than in Linux and Alfa. For example in Linux 'dpotrf_' is in Windows 'dpotrf'.
  • The toolbox can be tested by running demonstration program demo_2ingp (NB! the demo takes quit a long time, approximately 30 minutes on a 2400MHz Intel Pentium workstation, it is sufficient enough to run the demo for few minutes to be sure that it works). If there is no right mex-files for the architechture of your computer, you get an error message "error, No mex-file for this archtitecture. See Matlab help and convert.m in ./linuxCsource or ./winCsource for help."
  • There are two different compiler m-files, compile.m in mcmcstuff/linuxCsource/ and compile_windows.m in mcmcstuff/winCsource/. The *.c files can be converted to mex-files by running these files in Matlab in the same directory where the it is located. If the compilers do not work directly the relations between C-functions can still be seen from them.