Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

Biomedical Image Processing

The research areas of the Biomedical Image Processing group include broad applications of image processing and analysis. The group develops methods for image segmentation, registration, post-processing, and tomography reconstruction. Lately studied medical image modalities include liver CT, pediatric skull CT, dental CT, brain MRI, and brain DT-MRI.

The largest ongoing (project kickoff in April 2013) research project entitled Go-Smart (Generic Open-end Simulation Environment for Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment), where a methodology will be developed for simulating the outcome of minimally-invasive cancer treatments (MICT), including radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation and cryoablation, for liver, kidney and lung tumors. The project involves medical and technical partners from Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Finland and Ireland.

In the previous FP7 project IMPPACT, detailed liver segmentations were provided for constructing individual FEM models for simulating the RF ablation treatment of liver tumors. Smaller previous biomedical research projects include CRANIO, where methods were developed for analyzing pediatric skull CT images to assist in planning corrective craniosynostosis surgery. Previous interdisciplinary research projects include ARTEMIS-JHR, where tomography reconstruction software was developed for studying the integrity and activity of nuclear fuel in the context of the Jules Horowitz Reactor, as well as the EU FP7 project TELLUR, where FLIR thermal image processing and analysis were applied to car tire development.


  • IMPPACT-SNAP, a modified version of ITK-SNAP including a deformation tool for VTK surface meshes (the software is provided as is; for more information, see related publication)

Group members


Ala-Laurila, Petri Assistant Professor Biophysics petri.ala-laurila(at) F309
Dunbar, Robin Visiting Professor Complex Networks robin.dunbar(at) F341d
Fortunato, Santo Professor Complex Systems santo.fortunato(at) +358 50 460 5511 F351
Ilmoniemi, Risto Academy Professor MEG-MRI, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation risto.ilmoniemi(at) +358 50 556 2964 F202
Kaski, Kimmo Professor Complex Networks kimmo.kaski(at) +358 50 560 4825 F341c
Katila, Toivo Professor (emer.) toivo.katila(at) F206
Kertész, János FiDiPro Professor Complex Networks kertesz(at) +358 50 596 5547 F341d
Kinnunen, Paavo Professor HBBG paavo.kinnunen(at) +358 50 540 4600 J325
Koskelainen, Ari Professor, Head of BECS Cellular Biophysics ari.koskelainen(at) +358 50 367 3768 F205
Lampinen, Jouko Professor, Vice-dean of Aalto SCI Brain and Mind Laboratory jouko.lampinen(at) +358 50 560 4827 F341b
van Leemput, Koen FiDiPro Professor Computational Analysis of Brain Images koen(at) F203
Lin, Fa-Hsuan FiDiPro Fellow MEG-MRI Brain Imaging fa-hsuan.lin(at) +358 50 512 4653 F209
Nummenmaa, Lauri Assistant Professor Brain and Mind Laboratory lauri.nummenmaa(at) +358 50 431 9931 F352
Parkkonen, Lauri Assistant Professor Neuroimaging Methods lauri.parkkonen(at) +358 50 563 6686 F208
Rauschecker, Josef FiDiPro Professor Brain and Mind Laboratory rauschej(at) +358 50 512 4407 F341d
Sams, Mikko Professor Brain and Mind Laboratory mikko.sams(at) +358 50 521 5739 F341e
Saramäki, Jari Associate Professor Complex Networks jari.saramaki(at) +358 40 525 4285 F348
Sarvas, Jukka Professor Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation jukka.sarvas(at) +358 50 563 7460 F206
Tulkki, Jukka Professor, Vice-head of BECS Engineered Nanosystems jukka.tulkki(at) +358 50 501 4092 F301a
Vehtari, Aki Associate Professor Bayesian Methodology aki.vehtari(at) +358 40 533 3747 F306


Blomqvist, Janne System Administrator, D.Sc. BECS IT janne.blomqvist(at) +358 50 384 1576 F354
Hakala, Mikko Systems Specialist, D.Sc. BECS IT mikko.hakala(at) +358 50 384 1575 F354
Korpinurmi, Katja HR Coordinator katja.korpinurmi(at) +358 50 597 4902 F263
Lampinen, Eeva Controller eeva.lampinen(at) +358 50 352 5226 F262
Olavinen, Otto
otto.olavinen(at) +358 50 348 2448 F225a
Salmi, Jarkko System Administrator BECS IT jarkko.salmi(at) +358 50 594 1294 F354
Segerståhl, Margareta Teaching Coordinator, Ph.D. Complex Networks margareta.segerstahl(at) +358 50 512 4476 F265
Väänänen, Susanna Project secretary susanna.vaananen(at) +358 50 512 4401 F262
Stenman, Marita Secretary marita.stenman(at) +358 50 344 3058 F210

Senior Researchers

Jääskeläinen, Iiro Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory iiro.jaaskelainen(at) +358 50 560 9503 F353
Linna, Riku University Lecturer, Ph.D. Computational Biophysics riku.linna(at) +358 50 512 4356 F347
May, Patrick Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory patrick.may(at) +358 50 301 5042 F350
Nissilä, Ilkka Academy Research Fellow Near-infrared Tomography ilkka.nissila(at) +358 50 344 3108 F266
Stenroos, Matti Teaching Researcher, Ph.D. Bioelectromagnetism matti.stenroos(at) +358 50 344 3410 F204
Särkkä, Simo Adjunct Prof., Academy Research Fellow Bayesian Methodology simo.sarkka(at) +358 50 512 4393 F305
Tiitinen, Hannu Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory hannu.tiitinen(at) +358 50 301 4985 F350
Oksanen, Jani Group Leader Dr.Tech. Engineered Nanosystems jani.oksanen(at) +358 50 512 4374 F302

Postdoc researchers

Bacha-Trams, Mareike Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory mareike.bacha-trams(at) +358 50 512 4409 F345
Darst, Richard Ph.D. Complex Systems richard.darst(at) F341a
Jo, Hang-Hyun Ph.D., Aalto Post Doc Complex Networks +358 50 594 7500 F349
Iñiguez, Gerardo Ph.D. Complex Networks gerardo.iniguez(at) +358 50 512 4280 F344
Kauramäki, Jaakko D.Sc. (Tech.) Brain and Mind Laboratory jaakko.kauramaki(at) +358 50 344 3471
Kivelä, Mikko D.Sc. Complex Networks mikko.kivela(at) +358 50 512 4297 F341f
Lachat, Fanny Ph.D Brain and Mind Laboratory fanny.lachat(at) +358 50 512 4282 F324
Monto, Simo Dr.Tech. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation simo.monto(at) +358 50 344 3472
Myllymäki, Mari Ph.D. Bayesian Methodology mari.myllymaki(at) +358 50 512 4490 F308
Nieminen, Jaakko Academy Reseacher Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation jaakko.nieminen(at) +358 50 344 3186 F207
Ollila, Samuli D.Sc. HBBG samuli.ollila(at) J326
Pan, Raj Kumar Ph.D. Complex Networks rajkumar.pan(at) +358 50 512 4346 F341a
Parviainen, Eli D.Sc. eli.parviainen(at) +358 50 512 4385 F225b
Perotti, Juan Ph.D. Complex Systems juan.perotti(at) F344
Saalasti, Satu Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory +358 50 512 4281 F326
Sadi, Toufik Ph.D. Engineered Nanosystems toufik.sadi(at) +358 50 512 4353 F302
Salminen, Nelli Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory nelli.salminen(at) +358 50 301 5242 F345
Häyrynen, Teppo D.Sc. (Tech.) Engineered Nanosystems teppo.hayrynen(at) +358 50 512 4277 F302
Sood, Rohit Ph.D. HBBG rohit.sood(at) +358 50 512 4343 J320
Takeshita, Daisuke Ph.D. Biophysics
Tsai, Kevin Ph.D. Brain and Mind Laboratory kevin.tsai(at) F321

Doctoral students

Albert, Rauli-Jan M.Sc. Cellular Biophysics rauli.albert(at) +358 50 344 5057 F231
Aledavood, Talayeh M.Sc. Complex Networks talayeh.aledavood(at) +358 50 563 2634 F341f
Alho, Jussi M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory jussi.alho(at) +358 50 512 4316 F326
Alhonnoro, Tuomas M.Sc. Biomedical Image Processing tuomas.alhonnoro(at) +358 50 344 3423 F260
Dabek, Juhani M.Sc. MEG-MRI Brain Imaging juhani.dabek(at) +358 50 344 3139 F207
della Briotta Parolo, Pietro M.Sc. Complex Systems pietro.dellabriottaparolo(at) +358 50 512 4297 F341f
Glerean, Enrico M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory enrico.glerean(at) +358 50 594 3377 F326
Gotsopoulos, Athanasios M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory athanasios.gotsopoulos(at) +358 50 452 2110 F326
Heikkilä, Oskari M.Sc. Engineered Nanosystems oskari.heikkila(at) +358 50 512 4273 F318
Hernández Pavón, Julio Ph.D. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation julio.hpavon(at) +358 50 344 3470 F264
Hric, Darko M.Sc. Complex Systems darko.hric(at) +358 50 413 1079 F341f
Hsu, Yi-Cheng M.Sc. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation yichenghsu(at) +358 50 344 3471 F209
Kivisaari, Pyry M.Sc. Engineered Nanosystems pyry.kivisaari(at) +358 50 512 4263 F318
Konttila, Teijo M.Sc. Cardiac Studies teijo.konttila(at) +358 50 344 3158 F226
Koponen, Lari M.Sc. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation lari.koponen(at) +358 50 344 3428 F209
Kotilahti, Kalle M.Sc. Near-infrared Tomography kalle.kotilahti(at) +358 50 344 3162 F265
Lahnakoski, Juha M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory juha.lahnakoski(at) +358 50 512 4348 F326
Lilja, Mikko M.Sc. Biomedical Image Processing mikko.lilja(at) +358 50 344 3165 F261
Metsomaa, Johanna M.Sc. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation johanna.metsomaa(at) +358 50 344 3468 F267
Miettinen, Ismo M.A. Brain and Mind Laboratory ismo.miettinen(at) F329
Mutanen, Tuomas M.Sc. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation tuomas.mutanen(at) +358 50 344 3439 F264
Mäkelä, Niko M.Sc. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation niko.makela(at) +358 50 567 1700 F267
Mäntynen, Ville M.Sc. Cardiac Studies ville.mantynen(at) +358 50 512 4293 F226
Peltola, Tomi M.Sc. Bayesian Methodology tomi.peltola(at) +358 50 512 4386 F323
Piili, Joonas M.Sc. Computational Biophysics joonas.piili(at) F340
Pitkänen, Marja M.Sc. Cellular Biophysics marja.pitkanen(at) F232b
Pollari, Mika M.Sc. Biomedical Image Processing mika.pollari(at) +358 50 344 3138 F260
Saarimäki, Heini M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory heini.saarimaki(at) +358 50 449 6671 F326
Smirnov, Dmitry M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory dmitry.smirnov(at) +358 50 301 5072 F326
Sääskilahti, Kimmo M.Sc. Engineered Nanosystems kimmo.saaskilahti(at) F318
Solin, Arno M.Sc. Bayesian Methodology arno.solin(at) +358 50 344 3148 F323
Thanellas, Antonios M.Sc. Biomedical Image Processing antonios.thanellas(at) +358 50 344 3465 F261
Tugin, Sergei M.Sc. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation sergei.tugin(at) +358 50 512 4508 F203
Turunen, Teemu M.Sc. Cellular Biophysics teemu.turunen(at) +358 50 467 7077 F232b
Zevenhoven, Koos C.J. Research Project Manager, M.Sc. MEG-MRI Brain Imaging koos.zevenhoven(at) +358 40 752 8585 F216
Zhdanov, Andrey M.Sc. Neuroimaging Methods andrey.zhdanov(at) F203
Amirkavei, Mooud M.Sc. HBBG +358 50 301 5246
Ejtehadian, Lara Farzaneh M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory farzaneh.ejtehadian(at) F321
Hakonen, Maria M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory maria.hakonen(at) +358 50 382 3008 F308
Koistinen, Olli-Pekka M.Sc. Bayesian Methodology olli-pekka.koistinen(at)
Kokkala, Juho M.Sc. Bayesian Methodology juho.kokkala(at) +358 50 527 8185 F323
Korhonen, Onerva M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory onerva.korhonen(at) F341f
Lähteenmäki, Mikko M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory mikko.2.lahteenmaki(at) F324
Mbalawata, Isambi M.Sc. Bayesian Methodology isambi.mbalawata(at)
Olsson, Anders M.Sc. Engineered Nanosystems anders.olsson(at)
Piironen, Juho M.Sc. Bayesian Methodology juho.piironen(at) F322
Roine, Ulrika M.Sc. (Tech.), Lic.Med. Brain and Mind Laboratory +358 50 571 0003
Volynets, Sofia M.Sc. Brain and Mind Laboratory sofia.volynets(at) +358 50 433 0765 F321

Research Students

Parkkila, Petteri
HBBG petteri.parkkila(at) +358 50 465 5801 J330
Vesamo, Susanna
susanna.vesamo(at) F209
Antikainen, Anni
Cellular Biophysics
Arnoux, Clara
Brain and Mind Laboratory F319
Backlund, Ville-Pekka
Complex Networks ville-pekka.backlund(at) F340
Cajanus, Sakari
Bayesian Methology sakari.cajanus(at) F322
Hakala, Tuuli
HBBG tuuli.hakala(at) J329
Halme, Hanna
Brain and Mind Laboratory hanna-leena.halme(at) F329
Himanen, Lauri
Complex Networks
Hirvi, Pauliina
Hurme, Max
Bayesian Methodology
Iivanainen, Joonas
Neuroimaging Methods joonas.iivanainen(at) F216
Jas, Mainak
Jukola, Laura
HBBG laura.jukola(at) J327
Jämsä, Jori
Complex Networks jori.jamsa(at) F340
Karppinen, Markus
Complex Networks markus.karppinen(at) F340
Keitaanniemi, Mariia
Koskenranta, Jukka
Bayesian Methodology
Kujala, Rainer
Complex Networks rainer.kujala(at) F340
Kukkonen, Matleena
matleena.kukkonen(at) F215
Kuusi, Eero
Brain and Mind Laboratory eero.kuusi(at) F326
Laakso, Teemu
Engineered Nanosystems teemu.o.laakso(at) F318
de Larrea Andrade, Enrique
Bayesian Methodology
Lamminsalo, Jarkko
Brain and Mind Laboratory F329
Meronen, Lassi
Neuroimaging Methods F216
Moisio, Jaakko
jaakko.moisio(at) F319
Mynttinen, Henri
Brain and Mind Laboratory F319
Mäkelä, Elina
Mäkinen, Antti
Nikinmaa, Sakari
HBBG sakari.nikinmaa(at) J329
Paananen, Riku
HBBG riku.paananen(at)
Partanen, Mikko
Engineered Nanosystems mikko.p.partanen(at) F318
Seijo, Henri
Soininen, Henrikki
Suhonen, Pauli
Computational Biophysics pauli.suhonen(at) F340
Sutela, Manu
Neuroimaging Methods manu.sutela(at)
Suvilehto, Juulia
Brain and Mind Laboratory juulia.suvilehto(at)
Tapani, Karoliina
Thiede, Anja
Neuroimaging Methods anja.thiede(at)
Tolvanen, Ville
Bayesian Methodology ville.tolvanen(at) F322
Vuorikoski, Sirius
Brain and Mind Laboratory sirius.vuorikoski(at) F326


Zubarev, Ivan CIMO student Neuroimaging Methods
Cantini, Laura Visiting Doctoral Student Complex Systems
Kawai, Cintia Visiting Scholar HBBG
Klyuchko, Marina CIMO student Brain and Mind Laboratory
Scarlatos, Stylianos Visiting Scholar Complex Systems +358 44 915 5851
Vus, Katerina CIMO student HBBG

Former BECS personnel

Aarnio, Timo System Engineer
Ahmad, Aqeel Ph.D.
Alakoskela, Juha-Matti Ph.D.
Brattico, Elvira Ph.D.
Chatterjee, Arnab Ph.D.
Connolly, John F. Visiting Professor
Engelhardt, Peter Adjunct Professor, Ph.D.
Hartikainen, Jouni M.Sc. (Tech.)
Heikkinen, Hanna D.Sc. (Tech.)
Hiltunen, Petri D.Sc. (Tech.)
Jylänki, Pasi M.Sc. (Tech.)
Jääskeläinen, Pentti M.Sc. (Tech.)
Kahilakoski, Olli-Pekka M.Sc. (Tech.)
Karsai, Márton Ph.D.
Kaunismaa, Katri Project Coordinator
Kovanen, Lauri M.Sc. (Tech.)
Kumar, Sreedhar
Laine, Leena EU-Coordinator (MEG-MRI Brain Imaging)
Mahalka, Ajay Kumar D.Sc. (Tech.)
Marttinen, Pekka Ph.D.
Mitrović, Marija Ph.D.
Mononen, Tommi Ph.D.
Mäki, Hanna D.Sc. (Tech.)
Näsi, Tiina D.Sc. (Tech.)
Ojanen, Janne M.Sc. (Tech.)
Palchykov, Vasyl Ph.D.
Ranjan, Sanjeev Ph.D.
Salmitaival, Juha Ph.D.
Sivén, Jari System Administrator
Vesanen, Panu M.Sc. (Tech.)
Viinikainen, Mikko D.Sc. (Tech.)
Vinberg, Frans D.Sc. (Tech.)
Virtanen, Jaakko D.Sc. (Tech.)
Volinsky, Roman Ph.D.
Väänänen, Heikki Lic.Tech.
Yrttiaho, Santeri D.Sc. (Tech.)
Zamotin, Vladimir Ph.D.

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