Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science


BECS provides courses on bachelor's, master's and doctoral level.Teaching focus is especially on biomedical engineering, computational methods, complex systems and on the study of the human brain and mind. There is a close link between teaching that is provided by the professors and the teaching staff, and the research that is done at BECS.

BECS contributes particularly to the curriculum of the following study programmes: Bioinformation Technology, Engineering Physics and Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, and the master's degree programme Brain and Mind. Courses offered by BECS are also included for example in the Electonics and Electrical Engineering degree programme.

Many of the students of the Aalto SCI Doctoral Programme conduct their thesis work in the research groups of BECS. Together with the Brain Research Unit (BRU) BECS is also involved in the Brain & Mind Doctoral Programme, which is one of the field specific collaboration networks of the Aalto SCI doctoral programme.

Study advising

Study-related questions are answered by Margareta Segerståhl