Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

The BECS Factor 2014

Participate in The BECS Factor and show your skills as a summer intern! The fabbest summer internships of 2014 will be landed in February!


  • The BECS Factor 2014 kick-off event: January 27, 2014, BECS coffee room (F336)
  • Deadline for applications: February 7, 2014
  • Research group interviews: February 10–21, 2014
  • Job offers and work contracts: starting February 24, 2014

The BECS Factor 2014 shares a common schedule with the summer intern recruitment programs of the Department of Applied Physics and O.V. Lounasmaa Laboratory.

The BECS Factor kick-off event

The groups offering summer internships will introduce themselves in The BECS Factor kick-off event on Monday, January 27, at 3:15PM (with coffee served at 3:00PM) in the BECS coffee room (F336).

Kick-off presentations

Groups accepting applications

The groups participating in The BECS Factor 2014 and the contact persons receiving the applications are so far:

The list will be updated - check back especially prior to the application deadline!

Instructions for applying

You may apply in Finnish or in English. Send your informal application (pdf/doc), resumé (pdf/doc) and transcript of study records (pdf, Note: for students of Aalto University, a self-printed record from the Oodi system is enough) directly to the contact persons of the research groups by email.

You can apply to three groups (in no order of preference). Please indicate the groups in your application to inform the recipients about the other groups receiving your application.