Biophysics of lipids and lipid-protein interactions: from biomembranes to molecular engineering, drug delivery and imaging

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The summer school focuses on molecular level on physics of lipids, their properties, organization and interactions with proteins and other biopolymers, starting from fundamental principles. The teachers involve some of the leading pioneers in the physics of lipids and soft materials. Building on fundamental molecular and system level knowledge we will explore how biophysics manifests in the operation of biomembranes, their organization and physiological functions and pathological processes. Last but not least we will see how the above fundamental principles can be exploited in molecular engineering, designing e.g. sensors and drug delivery and medical imaging technologies.

The summer school is comprised of lectures (45 min + 15 min for discussion), involving a lot of time for free discussion. Students are encouraged to prepare a poster of their work. This is not mandatory, however, based on the abstract received some students will be selected to give a 30 min talk about their work.

The summer school is organized under the auspices of FP7 Sonodrugs, ESF EuroCORE EuroMEMBRANE, Kibron and Graduate school GSOCCB.